Lead Generation

The field of "internet marketing" has evolved well since its inception, so much so that today it represents a true lever of actions for all types of companies, including those that position themselves solely on online sales.

The "giants" are no longer the only ones to be able to benefit from the actions of marketing and promotion online. Today, there are countless success stories of TPE / SMEs from around the world that achieve incredible performance thanks to their presence on the net.

With its many benefits, Internet marketing has become a true source of lead generation. Basically, generating online prospects is a concept almost identical to that of generating online leads, except that the process is done on electronic platforms.

In other words, generating offline leads involves traditional methods like prospecting in the hard, customer referrals, television and radio, and so on. On the other hand, there are various internet marketing tools that allow small businesses to communicate on their offers. Among them, among others.

  • Social networks.
  • Marketing content (content strategy).
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO).
  • Pay per click advertising (PPC).
  • Social Media (Video Marketing).
  • Blogs, Ebooks, Newsletters.

Despite the fact that these online campaigns is a large volume of leads, many are SMEs who feel it is still too difficult for them to maximize their profits by conducting these web actions (low budget, lack of time & Experience). In general, the challenges of online wire generation relate to the more or less efficient production of potential contacts or customers. Continue our focus on SMEs and discover the main challenges related to online lead generation.