Frequently Asked Questions

How many membership types are there in the PDI club?

2 Individual/Family & Business

What is the difference between business and individual/family memberships?

Please see Benefits section.

Is the processing fee one-time only payment?

Yes, the processing is a one time fee.

How do I get the Medasist/laboratory card?

Contact the PDI office with your Membership info and we will have it issued for your pickup.

What is the procedure for making an appointment for medical consultation?

Contact Us and cordinate your appointments.

What do I need to become a member?

Full Name and Valid Email

How would I get my card?

Emailed temporary other can be picked up at office or other arrangements can be made by phone

Is there a renewal period for the membership?

Every anniversary of one year

Can I refer my friends?


Where can I use my card?

Any of the PDI company associations provided on the website.

Do I need to live in Puerto Vallarta to be a PDI Club member?

No, many members are visitors or snowbirds / expats.

I’m not receiving the monthly newsletter

Please check spam folder and contact office to fix the problem.

What is PDI Club offices schedule?

9AM to 6PM, Monday - Friday.

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