Abulon Antojería del Mar


Unpretentious freshness, flavor and innovation, so simple is the concept of Abulon Antojeria del Mar, a restaurant enforced in the fruits that offer us the Pacific ocean. Passing from the classic aquachile of shrimp and the typical ceviches of fish or shrimp, until arriving at the new favorite "Grilled octopus with fried sweet potato" or the tiradito of fresh tuna with chipotle and soy. Without doubt a restaurant that marks trend in the area of Puerto Vallarta.

Características y formas de pago

Acepta Mascotas SI
Envía a Domicilio NO
Efectivo SI
Tarjeta de Débito NO
Tarjeta de Crédito NO

Información de Contacto

  • Sergio Sebastian Garcia Almanzo
  • (322) 293 3941
  • abulon161@gmail
  • Versalles
  • Hamburgo #137, Col. Versalles, Puerto Vallarta



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