PDI Club Benefits

All PDI Club Members receive from 10% to 100% savings!

VIP Membership

Grants you access to Members Area and Coupons from our business partners in Puerto Vallarta

Newsletters, Contests & Events

Receive the latest news every month and get notified about contests, promotions and events.

Sales Kit

Receive all the information about all services and benefits of the PDI Family here.

Exclusive Benefits for our VIP Members

Individual Membership

Benefits Included on Individual Membership

  • All content is in Spanish & English Language.
  • Access to exclusive coupons & discounts from our PDI Business Members.
  • Access to PDI Club contest, promotions and events.
  • Business Opportunity with referral program.
  • Our favorite Recommend businesses.
  • Newsletter twice a month with trends, what's new, events & topics for PDI CLUB.
  • Join now to participate in the drawing for $1,000 Mx, one chance per inscription.
  • -20% off on Web Design (With High Mkt).
  • -20% off on Graphic design (With High Mkt).
  • -20% off on Video and Photo services (With High Mkt).

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Business Membership

Business members receive all individual membership benefits, plus:

  • Network with other businesses and people. to help you grow and brand your business.
  • Co-advertising & marketing with other members to promote events.
  • The PDI Team create events, contests and promotions to help your business grow!
  • Advertising spaces available for business in our websites PDI Now Media Room, PDI Club and High Marketing Studio.
  • Live Stream Videos for social media.
  • Your business landing page inside PDI Club Membership area.
  • Promote your business in our company websites and social media channels!
  • Social Media services (Minimum 10 post of one of the following post, tags, likes, comments per month).
  • 1 Photo and video shoot service free per membership
  • Monthly advice for coupons, contests and promotions, up to 4 coupons a month with social media promotion and graphic design included.
  • Your official member sign, to let people know you are part of PDI, view details

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