About PDI Club

"People helping people" is the motto that governs the PDI Club.

What is PDI Club? The Concept

A network of hundreds of businesses in Puerto Vallarta and Banderas Bay, that include restaurants, bars, doctors, gyms, shops, pharmacies, services and more, offer discounts ranging from minimum 10% to free for all those who have their PDI VIP Club membership.

PDI Companies The company behind PDI Club

PDI Companies was founded in 1982 by Troy Powell, a recognized leader in international investment, that now has a global presence. He arrived in Puerto Vallarta in 2011 to expand his horizons and offer tourists and residents a wide variety of business tools.

PDI Companies, the company that supports PDI Club is divided into 6 key areas:

Troy Powell The Founder

A recognized leader in the investment world. He is originally from Salt Lake City, Utah, but arrived in Puerto Vallarta 6 years ago. His vision for business was born at a very young age.

"Puerto Vallarta reminds me of Salt Lake City (my hometown) because of the mountains and the lakes, however, in Puerto Vallarta we also have the ocean. So here you have the best of both places. The people are extraordinarily nice, most of them speak English and it is more than a tourist destination, it is a comfortable place to live."

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